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We’ve been working on building up a collection of different bike routes for transportation and recreation, which you can view here. Have you used any of these routes, or do you have suggestions for other routes to add to the collection? Let us know!

Recent additions include the 2014 Rotary Ride route, and two alternative routes between downtown Bryan and Texas A&M University.

Cyclocross Project 2015: College Station CX Project Club

kid on bikeFree Cyclocross clinics and training sessions will start on Tuesday at 6:00pm, starting on September 9th and every Tuesday. after that until Tuesday, November 4th.  Make sure to like our Facebook page as this is where we usually post all details of our weekly training.

Details on program that would be important:  Any BMX, Mountain, Cross bike with helmet. Fun On Bikes. Results will be improved balance, agility, and fitness.

When: Tuesday at 6:00pm, starting on September 9th and every Tuesday for eight weeks in length ending on Tuesday, November 4th. Our program culminates with celebration race in Georgetown, http://georgetowncyclocrossfestival.com/.

Where: Pebble Creek Elementary, 200 Parkview Drive, College Station, TX 77845.

Register:  Register at http://cxproject2015.org/register/


  • Welcome and overview
  • Warm up,
  • Drills and technique based on each week’s curriculum,
  • Cool down.

Cyclocross Project 2015 Guidelines/Requirements:

  • Open to kids starting at 6-16 years of age.
  • Each participant who will be racing during the 2014-2015 Cyclocross Season must purchase a USA Cycling License.  Please visit the USA Cycling for more details at www.usacycling.org/news/user/story.php?id=579
  • Parent or Guardian must sign a waiver and be present during the clinic or training session. Waivers will be available during the training sessions.
  • Helmets are required! No helmet, No riding!
  • BMX or MTB are allowed.
  • Clipless pedaling can be advanced for kids. Tennis shoes work great, we will teach kids to tuck in those laces!
  • Participants should wear comfortable athletic clothing; tee shirts or sweat shirts. Cycling jerseys and shorts aren’t essential, however, they keep young riders more comfortable and wanting to come back to the sport week after week.

Who should come: Everyone!

If you know of anyone interested in our Kids Cyclocross Program email us at info@cxproject2015.org.

via Cyclocross Project 2015: College Station CX Project Club.

Shape the future of transit in College Station!

In general, the City of College Station does Bond Elections every 5 years, and the next bond issue is slated to be voted on in November of 2015. These bond elections determine which new facilities the city is going to design and construct over the life of the bond election (typically 5 years).

Citizen participation is key in shaping the City’s plans, so we encourage you to get involved in the Citizen Advisory Committee that is forming right now. Involvement will include approximately two meetings per month over a 5-6 month period.

The purpose of the Citizen Advisory Committee is to help guide City Staff and the City Council in the selection of transportation facilities that will be constructed, improved, or moved as part of the upcoming bond election. Serving on the committee would be an excellent opportunity to help the City Staff and City Council understand the importance of improved bicycle infrastructure within the City of College Station.

If this is something you are passionate about and you are able to help shape the transportation future of College Station, visit http://bit.ly/1rfPAXp to apply and learn more. The deadline to apply is before 5 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 26.